Alyssa Collection

Imagine painting a picture and use it as a closet in your bedroom : Alyssa collection is the realization of this dream by the hand of our designers . The cabinet has two sliding doors on which our decorators have designed two blooming flowers with dew ( glitter applied ) that illuminates the pollen. The picture frame is made from a genuine Swarovski thread running through the frame of the central design of the cabinet doors. The nacre coating finish makes it even more delicate and elegant all the components of the collection, in fact this particular finish, makes it softer lines and gives greater depth to the cabinet itself. The bedroom Alyssa gives you the option to choose either between two models of triptychs (one classic , the other more modern and dynamic ) and two models of wooden beds (one of which has a headboard upholstered in leather or eco-leather ) for able to satisfy the tastes of each client.

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