Italian Quality

Our factor’ choice is to make our brand one of the symbols of the made in italy, by the valorization of the high quality of our raw materials and of the expert artisan labor.

In facts, our furnitures are 100% made in Italy and also our artisans are Tuscans or from the land of Marche: two of the most famous places of Italian classic furnitures.

The high quality of our experiences and of our materials meet the elegance of the design of our collections.

The cabinets retain the classic wood quality, new manufacturing techniques and decorative hardware rock solid.

Even the paints used for our finishes are made in Italy, in full compliance with the safety standards of the European Union.

The coatings of our wardrobes, are then embellished by the expert hands of the artisans of Tuscany which decorate the school. The same chest of drawers, bedside tables and beds undergo the same treatment with the addition of friezes and capitals.


The quality of the structures is accompanied by the leathers of the headboards of the beds and armchairs in our collection.

Our company laboratory also allows you to make cuts for cabinets to size in order to fit our lines to your needs.

The high quality of our Italian furniture is embellished with further details in real gold leaf and genuine silver leaf, applicable on the doors of our closets and on the lines of our collections.Authentic Swarovskis illuminate the leather headboards of our beds made ​​of wood, the details of our triptychs and the doors of our closets classics.

All these details make the big difference that distinguishes the collections Style C & P in the excellence of the production of furniture made ​​in Italy and brought our catalogs and our products from the best retailers in Italy.


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