The meeting of thirty years experience in the design , manufacture and technical knowledge of its members has ensured that the furniture was born in 2009, C & P style , our company relies on the expertise gained in the commercial sector, the production of quality furnishings and exaltation of furniture made ​​in Italy.

The business skills and excellent craftsmanship acquired over 30 years and dynamism of a furniture so young give birth every day in the production of luxury furniture , modern in their classicism.

The cabinets , beds , the como ' and bedside tables in our collections are in fact the expression of the production of luxury furniture projected to the present day : the young people of our production lines give the high quality of the materials of classical touch of uniqueness that makes the C & P Style a point of reference in the panorama of classic furniture.


In addition to our history, every piece of furniture signed C & P style has its own : the production is not serial and high qualification of our artisans enable every customer to choose their own wardrobe, making changes of colors, applications in real gold or silver leaf , decor special (suggested by customers themselves).

In this way, the history of each customer becomes the story of every wardrobe . All this has meant that many retailers throughout Italy have chosen us and our history , to be part of it for themselves and engage their customers.

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